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I am vast.
I contain multitudes.

- Walt Whitman

main interests

hot take

Our geopolitcal technoeconomic society has been buit upon a binary operating system. All great technological advancements of the past century's electromagnetic revolution boil down to the choice between a zero or one. As such, our great human machine civilzation has grown to reflect this binary paradigm. Thus, nuance is withering on the vine as the system increasingly expresses itself as an either/or, yes/no, zero/one, black/white dichotomy. It's my belief that this is what breeds the fraught and fractious society we now find ourselves living. It's why I believe the next generation has chosen gender, the ultimate organizing binary, as an idealogical battle ground to reject the crushing opression of either or thinking. I believe, as with so many evolutionary emergencies that ask us to EMERGE AND SEE, binary oppression will finds its resolution in technological revolution. Hot on the heels of the 2-bit binary paradigm is the exponentially expanded 8-bit quantum computing revolution. Soon enough society expresses itself as neither an either nor or but as something much more. Take flight great beauitful newborn!

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