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Brandon Douglas Lane was "spontaneously and involuntarily initiated onboard spaceship earth as a tomato tinted, tiny tornado." 

 -  R. Buckminster Fuller  


Circa Then

Don't fight forces, use forces.
- Buckminster Fuller

feel most miraculous when stacking rocks into fragile and improvisational forms.


Communicating through mass and gravity awakens sensations within me often overlooked and ignored.


Each attempt at balancing a stone sculpture gifts an opportunity to transform belief into knowing.


Hundreds of sculptures and thousands of conversations have proven that precariously balanced rocks provoke a sense of wonder, joy and disbelief.

IMG_2078 (1).jpg
Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 7.16_edited.jpg

Humans are tool builders. We build tools to amplify our innate human abilities.
- Steve Jobs


Circa Now

feel energized transforming ideas into action.


Each new venture presents fun and fertile ground for improvisational problem solving and outside the box thinking. Every new project is an opportunity to connect dots and synchronize resources for the delight of others. 

Having worked in small startups, large corporations, public education and sole proprietorships, I understand first hand the immense value an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset can bring to all contexts.

I've selected some work I'm proud of.


Pop up shop.

Failed startup.

Innovation center.

Plant-based food.

Opinion piece.

Coffee table book.

Learning is remembering what you're interested in.
- Richard Saul Wurman

I feel most energized when emboldening entrepreneurs to actualize their dreams.


Having spent a decade teaching and developing entrepreneurial curriculum in high schools, colleges, prisons and non-profits, I've developed a straightforward framework for realizing entrepreneurial thought and action.

To create value, leverage your unique blend of skills, knowledge, networks and resources to solve a problem and improve lives.

I am proud to share a selection of success stories from students I've worked with over the years.


Brother's Need Inspires Teen, 2022

Million Dollar Idea to Transform RI, 2022

Lt. Governor Awards Young Entrepreneur, 2020

Teen Transforms Art to Business, 2017

Luck and Talent Connect, 2013


Hi, I'm Brandon Lane. I'm an entrepreneur, artist and educator. I value time as the ultimate currency and invest my energy, effort and enthusiasm with care. I live frugally and invest prudently to maintain sole custody over my solvent and sovereign self. I enjoy balancing rocks, making art, improvisational problem solving, launching businesses, nuanced conversation, contact with nature and optimistic people. Major influences include Walt Whitman, Buckminster Fuller and my own direct experience.

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